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Wildland Forestry & Environmental, Inc is dedicated to helping landowners and resource stewards in managing, maintaining, and shaping their land to meet their objectives. Achieving balances between productivity, aesthetics, and ecological health is what sets us apart.  Our open approach gives property owners the flexibility for multiple resource enhancement and helps to provide recommendations catered to individual landscapes.

Wild Path

Honest Answers and Specialized Service

WFE is built around the needs of landowners who desire to balance land usage with conservation efforts.  We offer a full range of forest management services and wildlife habitat improvement activities. In addition, we offer many professional contracting solutions for hard-to-find practices, such as:  prescribed burning, native warm season grass (piedmont prairies) establishment and maintenance, upland hardwood stand improvement, ecosystem restoration and early-succession habitat creation.  Our passion for these practices runs deep with over a decade of successful projects serving as examples.

Our Vision



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Staff & Admin

Staff & Part Time

It takes an energetic person to perform the field work at WFE.  This short section is dedicated to the all the employees and sub-contractors who turn ideas into reality.


Brandon L. Price, Chief Officer

Registered Consulting Forester (NCRF #1624)

Wildlife Habitat Specialist

Certified Prescribed Burn Manager (NC #453, VA #652)

NWCG Firefighter Type 1, ENGB(t), FAL2

Eagle Scout & Vigil Honor

N.C. Certified EMT & NC Firefighter II

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