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Events & Workshops

Every now and then we like to share our expertise and experiences with a broader audience or in a more condensed format.  These seminars and courses are a great way to deliver a large dose of information in a short time period.  Please contact us for more information or to sign up.

Fall Tokens
Tree & Shrub Identification - NC Piedmont


This course is a 3-part series which will equip participants with the knowledge to identify the majority of tree and shrub species found in the piedmont of NC & VA.  Different locations are utilized as species compositions change depending on the plant community you're in.

1- Most Common Trees present in a variety of sites.

2- Bottomland & Riparian Communities along creeks and floodplains

3- Uplands & Ridges, including remnant savannas and open woodlands

After learning the 60+ species included in this course, you will have the confidence and background skills to identify most of the 200+ species that exist in this area.  Very useful for landowners, hunters, nature-enthusiasts, landscape designers, and trail hikers.

Saving Savannas and Planting Prairies



This one-night seminar will highlight the importance of relic grassland communities and give a brief overview of how to establish an ecologically diverse meadow in open fields.

Using Prescribed Fire for Wildlife

Fall 2022


Stay tuned.

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