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Increasing Quality for Better Profits

​​Competing in today's markets demand players to focus on details, from the log yard to the loading dock.  Becoming complacent to small errors can lead to real losses.


For a limited time, we are proud to offer comprehensive consulting to the southern pine lumber production sector.  Let an expert give you the edge that will keep your operations running like they should.

Planer Equipment Optimization

Successful mills require fast speeds and precise quality

-every shift and on every product.


Planer Operator Training

Investments in modern technology or upgrading existing equipment won't offer dividends without skilled personnel.  The technician who inspects and ultimately operates a high-speed planer must know how to recognize and resolve deviations from target outcomes.

Grader Training & Line Changes

The price between grades can often mean the difference between breaking even and reaching milestones.  Finding ways to increase grades is often the key. 




Hendal M. Price


A No.1 Prime Lumber Expert

Mr. Price has over 40 years of experience in the lumber industry.  Most of his career has been spent working for one of the nation's leading grade-marking agencies.  During his tenure, Hendal has studied all aspects of manufacturing Southern Yellow Pine products. He has developed a proven strategy for improving planer operations in mills throughout the country.  Companies can often increase yields by several percentage points after only one day of consulting.

He excels in performing mill audits, personnel training, conducting machine efficiency studies, and specializes in teaching planer-matcher operators running yellow pine.  Training is also available for treating plant operators, especially how wood characteristics influence acceptable treating results.

Hendal's favorite timber tree is shortleaf pine, known for producing straight, dense grain.  His hobbies include deer hunting, fly fishing, gardening, and welding. He lives with his wife and special-needs son outside of Greensboro, NC.

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