Informational Resources and Operational Links

This page provides educational information and natural resource management links for clients and staff.  Additional content will be added periodically so please check back.  If there is a subject you think should be placed here, please email us.


Wildlife Habitat


Southern Fire Exchange

Friends of Fire Podcast

-Episodes 2 & 3: Wild Turkeys


Deer University (Mississippi State Ext.)

Prescribed Burn Timing for Deer Forage

Episode 44

Triangle Land Conservancy

Piedmont Prairie preservation with Fire

Featuring Wildland Forestry & Env. Inc. at Temple Flat Rock Preserve

Watch YouTube video


Forest & Timber


Landowner Prioritization Worksheet

Page 1- Timber Harvest Info.

Page 2 - General Mgmt. Questions

Page 3 - Wildlife Addendum

Kentucky Nature Preserves

Shortleaf Pine Restoration

Watch YouTube video