Savannas, Prairies, & Grasslands

For most conservation-minded citizens, a well-stocked forest of trees is the epitome of a healthy ecosystem .  However, the majority of southeastern landscapes are actually a patchwork of different plant communities such as upland hardwoods, pine savannas, bogs, rocky shrublands, riparian canebrakes, or glades.  Because they are so easy to destroy or alter, native grasslands have diminished significantly in the last 200 years.  Species that depend on these types of habitats have also predictably declined.  Contrary to the level of support for reforestation, the preservation of grasslands continues to be neglected or simply unknown.

We are one pleased to offer a full suite of services focused on these types of habitats: consultation, design, enhancement, establishment, maintenance, and restoration.  Please contact us to learn more.

More content coming soon.  Until then, enjoy a few photos of some of the grassland projects we've worked on in the  southeast. As you can see, these types of ecosystems are quite varied in terms of structure and offer differing aesthetics.