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Average Rates and Fees by Service Category
Rates are based on actual invoices from 2013 to 2015.  Individual job rates vary and contracts supersede any prices listed here.  For general reference only, updated sporadically.
 Forest Management Service Fees
ServiceAvg. Rates
Initial Visit and Consult
General Consulting
Management Plans
$325+ acre fee
Timber Marking
Timber Cruising
Forest Appraisals
Tree Planting Admin.
Boundary Marking
Commission Sales
6 -12%
Sale Admin. Quotes
Tree Identification Tags
Educational Programs

Prescribed Burning Operations*
Burn Type
Minimum Day (<10ac)
Hazard Reduction
Wildlife Habitat
Site Preparation
Dozer Fireline Install
Handline Construct
Dozer Standby

*Ranges dependent on unit size, infrastructure, fuel type, location, burn frequency, etc.

Natural Resource & Wildlife Concerns
ActivityService 1
Initial Visit and Consult
Habitat Consulting
Shrub Planting
NWSG/Wildflower Planting

 Wood & Lumber Products Consults
Travel Time
MileageFederal Rate
Process Consult
Grader Training
Equipment Eval.
Finders Fee
Lumber Appraisal