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Ruffed Grouse in the Southern Appalachians
(Bonasa umbellus)

Private lands provide the best opportunity for these upland birds.
Due to the preference of grouse (and the American woodcock) for young timber stands, suitable habitats in the mountain counties of NC and VA are extremely limited.  Years of battling environmental extremists has caused the U.S. Forest Service to almost completely quit attempts to conduct timber harvests.  Unfortunately, small 5-15 year old clearcuts are vital to the nesting and rearing success for ruffed grouse and many other disappearing species.  These productive forest communities have large amounts of sunlight which encourage fruit-bearing plants, attract insects, and develop brushy understory cover with travel corridors.

Often, private forestlands are the last stronghold for these incredible gamebirds. 
With proper planning, populations can be increased significantly for recreational enjoyment.  The staff at Wildland Forestry & Environmental, Inc. can assist you in managing southern Appalachian timber stands to promote this species.  We have surveyed 4 states for grouse habitat characteristics and have a thorough knowledge of the steps needed to enhance grouse areas.
For more information on Ruffed grouse habitat contact us by phone or email. 
To get involved in broader conservation efforts, we recommend joining a local RGS chapter.                        
The Ruffed Grouse Society

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