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  Consulting Forestry - Wildlife Management - Ecosystem Restoration
Prescribed Fire - Timber Administration - Land Conservation
There's a place where mighty trees grow, wildlife flourish, and the creeks tell stories.  Every acre is important and unique.
Wildland Forestry & Environmental, Inc. is dedicated to helping shape your land to produce the most rewarding product: your satisfaction.  Our business is focused on understanding the enormous range of objectives which each landowner may consider important. 
Finally you bought your dream property. Maybe you've just inherited the 300-acre family farm.  Or perhaps you only own 5 acres.  In any case, it probably seems like there are many projects to accomplish.  Your peace of mind may come from a well managed timber stand, abundant game species, or a restored wetland - it's entirely up to you.  We can help you get there.  Our advice is completely professional, but the concern for our clients and their interests is personal down to each and every acre.
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Honest Advice is our Business.

Whether you have questions about timber taxes, wildlife habitat, or native plant establishment - we are here to help.  We have the knowledge and experience to give land owners and users honest answers about nearly any natural resource concern. 

Wildland Forestry & Env. Services

Wildland Forestry & Environmental, Inc.
Primary Phone: 919-414-8046
Mailing Address: 6437 Beulah Church Rd.- Liberty, NC  27298