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Future WFE webpage regarding TIMBER TRESPASS & THEFT

-Also, rules governing right-of-ways and legal access

Call us for professional advice regarding these issues.

Prevention measures we recommend:
-Consistent patrolling or establishment of a recreation lease with locals.
-Regular boundary line marking or posting.
-GPS corner points and line markers.
-Installation of gates and access control.
-Timber road decommission or water-bars.
Timber Theft Statutes in NC

Role of a Consulting Forester
-Statute of Limitations: 3 years (4 if intentional)
-Discovery Rule (Date when landowner learned of trespass)
-Back Cruising (volume estimation based on a previous point in time)
-Estimated Appraisal
-Negotiated Settlement
-Legal Suits for Damages

Legal Access
-Deeded easements
-Historical use
-Negotiation vs. Court Decision