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Forest Resource Management Planning

Benefits of Management Plans

Objectives vary considerably between landowners, and often change over time given new circumstances.  Understanding the available resources on a property is vital in order to make practical decisions.  Whether the goal is timber production or long-term sustainability, getting professional advice is a valuable investment.

Present-Use Value Tax Assessment

In most counties, there are four (4) categories which qualify for tax relief if managed appropriately with acreage requirements:

-Horticulture/Vineyards/Nurseries: 5 acres or more

-Agriculture/Farming/Ranching: 10 acres or more

-Forestry/Timber/Tree Farms: 20 acres or more

-Wildlife Habitat/Ecosystem: 20 acres + but limited to 100ac.

Depending on the type of land enrolled in each county, annual property taxes can be reduced 40-80% compared to residential or commercial property.  There are many requirements for each category.  We can guide you in the right direction and assist in enrolling you in these programs.

Recently, county tax offices have been putting forest landowners under greater scrutiny regarding Present Use or Use-Value Assessment Programs.  A "sound management" plan is generally required to be on file, indicating the landowner's willingness to harvest timber at some point.

Our foresters work with every landowner to determine their own objectives. While certain agencies and other firms call for the removal of native trees in favor of loblolly pine plantations, we feel that landowners should be presented with options, not mandates. 


Management Plan Costs & Fees

The cost of developing a resource management plan varies depending on the size and complexity of the plan.  Additionally, many landowners elect to include a timber cruise in order to establish a timber basis.

-Update to existing plan:  $140 + $1.10/ac

-Basic Forestry Plan (20-250 acres): $325 - $650

-Comprehensive Forest Conservation Plan: $700 - $1900*

*Cost-share through the USDA may be available.

NC Coop. Ext. WON Present-Use Brochure

Forest Management Plan Elements

-Stand Descriptions with acreages.

-Objectives clearly outlined and described.

-Analysis of current conditions and site forecasts.

-Timeline of scheduled activities and evaluations.

-Maps depicting management areas.

-Prescriptions for achieving specific goals

-Alternative methods



Most landowners do not own large homogenous timber stands with only one tree species.  The average managed parcel has a combination of forest, open area, pasture, crop fields, natural areas, or food plots.  Other land uses include mushroom or truffle farming, airstrips, commercial facilities, aquaculture ponds, nurseries, etc.  Our plans are catered down to the smallest piece of land and each activity is considered.