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Forest and Timber Management:  Your Goals, Our Expertise.
As a consulting forestry firm, managing timber stands is the most common service we provide on a daily basis.  Use the page links below to learn more about the specific service category that you are interested in.

Detailed management plans for plantations, natural stands, pine, hardwoods, and everything in between.  We also offer blended plans for farms, wildlife habitat, or conservation properties.

Timber Appraisal & Valuation

Timber assessment services for product inventory calculation or financial concerns.  Used for tax deductions, determining land basis, or preparation for selling timber.

Prescribed Burning

We conduct controlled burns for hazard reduction, silvicultural amendment, forest regeneration, and habitat enhancement.  Every burn is planned for optimization of landowner objectives.
Timber Sale Administration & Harvest Assistance

Advice for all aspects of forest harvest planning. Recommendations and logging operation design to make sure the job is done right....because most of the time you don't get a second chance.

Timber Sale Notices - ACTIVE

This page lists all properties we currently represent as agents with links to maps and timber volumes.
While we act as an agent for timber sales, we are not a timber "broker" or wood dealer.  Read more....